Riding Tours


Riding by the Beach

We offer a one hour, guided riding tour around some of the unforgettable sights of south Heimaey.

Starting at Lyngfell Stables we ride along the coast to a beautiful black beach.
From here the bridle path climbs to a fantastic lookout point near Lyngfellisdalur.
The view from there is breathtaking and it is possible to see all of the islands of the Vestmannaeyjar archipeligo and also Eyjafjallajökull, the famous glacier which erupted in 2010.
From this point we then make our way back to Lyngfell Stables.

Price for 1 hour ISK 7000

On the horse riding track

Next to the stables there is a track which is excellent for beginners or for those who do not want to go far.

For further information contact Ása, tel. 898-1809 

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e-mail lyngfell(at)simnet.is

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